Contrary to the name, Kangaroo Island is not just an area covered with mobs of the hopping animal. Although the kangaroo frolics throughout the island is much more than just a kangaroo’s home. Rather, it is, in fact, an exciting hub of thrilling activities and spectacular attractions. Home to unique wildlife, pristine nature spots, and excellent history.

Where the name kangaroo came from

A widely held belief of the name’s origin comes from when the European settlers first came to Australia. When roaming the land, they saw strange hopping creatures scattered within. When they ask the indigenous aboriginal people what these strange animals were called, the answer was ‘Kan Ghu Ru.’- which actually meant ‘we do not understand’. Despite this being quite an interesting story, it is in fact completely false.

The actual origin of the name kangaroo was from a word derived from the northeast Aboriginal tribe Guugu Yimidhirr, which had the name ‘gangurru.’

How the Island got its name

The island’s name was changed to Kangaroo Island in 1802 when Captain Matthew Flinders and his crew visited the island. The crew were starving from a long vogue, and once landing on the island found what they need most in the world, fresh meat. In the captain’s journal flinders stated that the entire crew joined in on hunting, skinning, and cleaning a mob of kangaroos. Consuming as much meat as possible while there. In gratitude for ending their months of privation, Flinders dubbed the island ‘Kangaroo Island.’

What to do there

Whether you are visiting for a day, a weekend, or even a week, you are guaranteed never a dull moment in this holiday spot. The island is home to a fantastic range of wildlife. Such as the largest colony of Australian sea lions, an array of bird life, and of course the hundreds of kangaroos. Natural wonders litter the island, such as the enormous remarkable rocks and the iconic Admirals Arch. Simply hop on a ferry and get ready for a bucket load of adventure.

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