Nestled just a short drive from the busy city of Sydney lies one of the best World Heritage-listed sites in Australia; the Blue Mountains. This huge expanse of 11,400 kilometres square land is chock-full of stunning landscapes, with cascading waterfalls, deep canyons, and lush forestland. It’s around 470 million years old, so you are guaranteed an astonishing historic story once you arrive. But when exactly should you go?

Seasons of the Blue Mountains

Like the majority of Australian regions, the Blue Mountains is a place of four distinct seasons, with each bringing in a new range of activities and attractions.


The most sought-after season for visitors when travelling to Australia, with scorching hot days and perfect beach weather. As the Blue mountains are obviously within the mountains, they are a bit higher up compared to Sydney, so the heat is less extreme. As Summer typically guarantees day after a day of sunshine, an endless amount of outdoor activities are on offer. With an abundance of swimming spots, guided treks, as well as national parks and wildlife on offer to all.


Winter time may seem like the worst time to travel to the Blue Mountains, but there is actually quite a lot happening. A winter holiday means crisp mountain air, breathtaking beauty, and clear starry nights. You can spend your days walking through the quiet forestland and spend your nights at the charming towns amidst. Although trees may be bare and flowers non-existence, the locals still try to keep the area alive and warm with countless festivals on offer. With fine food, wine, entertainment, and Yulefest celebrations are jam-packed with both locals and travellers, all enjoying the cosy atmosphere with a mulled wine and a roaring log fire.


For all the nature lovers out there, there is no greater time to visit than when greenery blooms over the Blue Mountains. The combination of diverse wildlife coming to life during this time creates an enchanting a magical bushland. With new plants comes a new generation of animals, with springtime being the time for a new life. Visit at this time to discover some of the most ancient and exotic plants blossom to burst out in a rainbow of colours. With festivals including the spring garden festivals of the mountains, you can enjoy the local charm while marvelling at the mountain’s beauty.


Autumn encases the Blue Mountain in brilliant oranges, flaming reds, and rustic browns. The best of both worlds, with crisp morning, walks, sunny days and cool evenings to cuddle up in. Perfect for outdoor activities such as golf or cycling, as well as wine and cheese nights under the chilly stars.

Regardless of what you are looking for during your travels, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the stunning Blue Mountains in just about any weather.

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