Australian Aboriginals are an ancient civilisation, as they have inhabited the country for around 65,000 thousand years. Occupying the country well before the European discovery in the 1800s.

The cultural significance of the land

The indigenous community has a h2 connection with the land, with their beliefs being passed down from their ancient ancestors. Their belief is that the land and rivers of Australia are much more than soil, rocks, and water. But a living, breathing, cultural landscape that is incredibly sacred. This living environment is sustained by the community and the culture, with the aboriginal people being the guardians of Australia. Their Dreamtime stories illustrate their belief of the birth of Australia, by the travels and traditions of their great ancestral beings. Great sights such as Uluru hold a spiritual significance as they are seen as dwellings for past spirits.

Tragic History of the Aboriginal people

After the invasion of the European settlements, the aboriginal people faced a tragic time in their history, which is still affecting the current community. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders suffered heartbreaking abuse, including murder, kidnapping, slavery, and larceny. Although the Australian government has acknowledged and apologised to the indigenous community for these past mistakes of the European settlers, it is still a traumatic experience in Australia’s history.

What you can see at the Cultural Centre

Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre is within the ancient landscape of the Aussie outback. Only a short drive from the famous Uluru, this information centre offers visitors an insight into the unique history and culture of the region. Take a step back in time as you immerse yourself in the historic indigenous culture of the land’s guardians. Take a guided tour of the centre, learning about the culture of the area with one of the local guides. After this, discover the galleries bursting with incredible art by the local aboriginal people. Discovering the iconic spot paintings of the iconic Aussie land. After all that why not relax at the centre’s café? Offering delicious Australian cuisines to refuel you on your travels.